One of our goals as a company is to create a more educated base of internet users. By learning about the services you use, how they work, and what the terms mean, you enable yourself to make smarter decisions about purchasing and managing internet services. If someone else does this for you, you can learn how to avoid getting ripped off by knowing the pitfalls and bad habits that can cause you trouble. Last but not least, when you need help with a problem from a help desk technician you can get it faster because you will be better able to describe your problem, which reduces resolution time and wasted communication.

The articles on this site are inspired by our experiences in customer service helping clients to get what they need, and they are written in general terms to apply to any service provider you may come in contact with, not just us. If you find information that is inaccurate or would like to contribute to this knowledge base, please feel free to contact us.

Understanding Web Hosting – A guide to explain how web hosting works and common terms and features you need to understand when choosing a web host.

Understanding Your Domain Name – A complete guide to domain names, the registration process, and how to manage your domain and keep it safe.

Understanding Email – A guide to explain how email works and what common features do so you can troubleshoot faster when you have a problem.

Domain Name Fraud FAQ – Find out how people are trying to trick you and what to do about it.

How Domains Expire – Domains do not simply “expire.” The process involves a few steps and understanding them can be important to understanding why there is an additional fee for renewals in certain circumstances.

Transferring Your Existing Website to a New Hosting Provider – Perhaps the most misunderstood process in the business. Learn how it works here.

Getting Along With Your Web Designer – Ways to make your web designer’s job easier so you get better service.

How Not to Be Ripped Off by Your Website Designer – Too many businesses have been ripped off by fly by night web design companies. Get these 9 tips that may really help you save some money.

Does Your Web Design Company Own You? – What can happen when your web designer controls everything, and what you can do about it.

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained – Learn the basics of copyright law that apply to your website content.

How to Get Better Technical Support – Guidelines to make the resolution of your technical support requests quicker and more efficient.

Website Hosting Technical Support – Common Misconceptions – This article will cover the 2 most common “Tech Support Don’ts,” training and content update, and offer alternate solutions to the “problems.”

Does Your Web Host Fight Spam? – A little bit about how spam works and the tools web hosts use to fight back.

Spam Fighting Tips for Website Owners – Making an email address public to communicate with your visitors also makes that address a magnet for spam. Learn how to minimize your risk and still provide that important email contact.